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The Book Reviews and DVD Recommendations section of my website contain a review and rating of all the books I have found written or translated into English on Chen Style Taijiquan.  Recommended DVD's are also included.

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3. Individual Book Reviews:

  1. Chen's Taichi Vol 2: Old Frame One & Two by Chen Zheng Lei
  2. The Essence of Taijiquan by Davidine Sim & David Gaffney
  3. Chen Style Taijiquan, Sword & Broadsword by Chen Zhenglei
  4. Chen's Taichi Vol 1:  for Health & wellness by Chen Zheng Lei
  5. Chen Style Taijiquan: The Source of Taiji Boxing by Sim & Gaffney
  6. Chen Family Taijiquan Tuishou by Wang Xian 
  7. Taijiquan - cultivating inner strength by C. P. Ong
  8. Chen Family Taijiquan - 25 key disciplines by Bosco Baek
  9. Chen's Taichi Vol 3: New Frame One & Two by Chen Zheng Lei
  10. Chen Style Taijiquan by Feng Zhi Qiang & Chen Xiao Wang
  11. Taijiquan: Chen Style 38 Form & Applications by Ren Guang Yi
  12. Old Frame Chen Family Taijiquan by Mark Chen
  13. Taijiquan:Art of Nurturing,Science of Power by Yang Yang
  14. The Illustrated Canon of Chen Family Taijiquan by Chen Xin
  15. Chen Style Taijiquan for Life Enhancement by Chen Zheng Lei
  16. Chen: Living Taijiquan in the classical style by Jan Silbersdorff
  17. The Five Levels of Taijiquan by Chen Xiao Wang & Jan Silbersdorff 
  18. Traditional Chen Style: Small Frame Method by Lei & Shiery
  19. Chen's Taichi Vol 4: Sword, Saber & Baton by Chen Zheng Lei
  20. Chen's Taichi Vol 5: Spear, Halberd & Push-Hands by Chen Zheng Lei
  21. Chen Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan: 36 & 56 movements by Yan Ling
  22. Demystifying Tai Chi Chuan by Tu Ky Lam
  23. Tai Chi for Health by Chen Zheng Lei 
  24. Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method (Vol 1.) by Hong Jun Sheng  
  25. Turning Silk: a diary of Chen taiji by Kinthissa

4. DVD Recommendations