Taijiquan-articles-other Section

This section contains Articles written for or by other top Chen Style  taijiquan practitioners (or their students) that I consider valuable and helpful.

If you know of other articles that you think would contribute to this resource I would appreciate hearing about them.

NB. A few of these articles still need editing as there are formatting errors. I hope to complete this editting by the end of Apr. 2013

  1. Wang Xian - Interview
  2. Wang Xian - the genuine diamond
  3. Wang Xian - Yi, Qi and Jing
  4. Zhu Tian Cai - Training Methods
  5. Zhu Tian Cai - Chen Taiji's Quiet Keeper
  6. Chen Xiao Xing - Pau Chui Insights
  7. Chen Xiao Xing - Simple Wisdom
  8. Chen Zi Qiang - Answers when questioned