3.e.vii.-form-list-sabre Section

Chen Taiji Sabre (Dao) Form


The sabre (sometimes called the broadsword,) is a short weapon but it can be used like a long weapon. In practice hands, eyes, body form and footwork must be well co-ordinated. The force is continuous and unbroken. In practising the sabre, you must use “chan guo-nao”  twining/wrapping head, widely cutting and hacking with great momentum. It is said in the boxing proverbs; when racticing single sabre, watch one’s hands, when practicing double sabre, watch one’s footwork. The left hand must follow the change in techniques of the sabre.

There are thirteen sabre techniques: They are rolling, closing, pricking, blocking, cutting, hacking, scooping, cross-cutting, twisting, shaking, supporting, slicing and tilting. They reflect the characteristics of Chen style taiji single sabre. They combine hardness and softness in harmony, equally stressing quickness and slowness, dodging and weight transfers, relaxing and nimble, springing and shaking, switching between each without separation, coiling to neutralise force. The form retains the aura of a fierce tiger.

It requires good taiji skill so the released force reaches the tips of the limbs and sword and then returns to the dantien. With skill the body drives the sabre to move, the sabre leads the body to turn. All movements utilise the waist as a pivot and shake to release the force

1. Single Sabre Beginning Form                                   Dan-1 Dao-1 Qi-3 Shi-4

2. Sabre Protects the Heart                                         Hu-4 Xin-1 Dao-1

3. Green Dragon Out of Water                                      Qing-1 Long-2 Chu-1 Shui-3

4. Wind Whirls Withered Flowers                                  Feng-1 Juan-3 Can-2 Hua-1

5. White Clouds Cover the Head                                  Bai-2 Yun-2 Gai-4 Ding-3

6. Black Tiger Searches in the Mountains                   Hei-1 Hu-3 Sou-1 Shan-1

7. Suqin Holds Sword                                                    Su-1 Qin-2 Bei-1 Jian-4

8. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg                         Jin-1 Ji-1 Du-2 Li-4

9. Rolling Away From the Blade                                    Ying-2 Feng-4 Gun-3 Bi-4

10. Cut White Snake at the Waist                                Yao-1 Zhan-3 Bai-2 She-2

11. Ring Around the Sun 3 Times                                Ri-4 Tao-4 San-1 Huan- 2

12. Scatter the Clouds to See the Sun                        Bo-1 Yun-2 Wang-4 Ri-4

13. Separate the Grass to Search for Snake, Left      Bo-1 Cao-3 Xun-2 She-2 Zuo-3

14. Separate the Grass to Search for Snake, Right    Bo-1 Cao-3 Xun-2 She-2 You-4

15. Green Dragon Out of Water                                    Qing-1 Long-2 Chu-1 Shui-3

16. Wind Whirls Withered Flowers                                Feng-1 Juan-3 Can-2 Hua-1

17. Wild Goose Separates its Golden Wings               Yan-4 Bie-2 Jin-1 Chi-4

18. Ye Cha Explores the Sea                                       Ye-4 Cha-3 Tan-4 Hai-3

19. Turn Over Body and Chop, Left                             Zuo-3 Fan-1 Shen-1 Kan-3

21. White Snake Spits Out Tongue                              Bai-2 She-2 Tu-3 Xin-4

20. Turn Over Body and Chop, Right                           You-4 Fan-1 Shen-1 Kan-3

22. Embrace Moon                                                        Huai-2 Zhong-1 Bao-4 Yue-4

23. Closing Form                                                          Shou-1 Shi-4