Finance Section


This part of my website will contain my writings on money and finance.

 It will not be uploaded until the TAIJIQUAN part of my website is complete.

I began my study of business in the USA while on an AFS scholarship from 1979-80. I was the first undergraduate who undertook a 1 year course at Durham Business School in 1982-3, studying with the MBA students as an undergraduate, where my undergraduate thesis was nominated for an award in the MBA program. As I neared the end of my degree I thought that the two things I most feared  were power and money and so these were the areas I most needed to learn about. Consequently I only applied for jobs in the field of international finance, much to the amusement of my college friends. I was offered 7 jobs from 8 applications so I thought that I probably was going about the process in an appropriate manner.

I spent six years with an American based bank, spending the first year training in accounting and corporate finance. I then spent five years in various positions including as a Project Manager for a Software  installation in International Custody Services, as a European Systems manager, a short period as an internal auditor, as the Asst Personnel Manager, then finally into a placement in the Investment bank where I worked in Origination finishing in Japanese Private Placements.

I then was the financial director for a UK charity before I move to Ireland in 1993. I have taught Business and Accounting since 1999.