Taijiquan-articles-whj Section

Here you will find articles written for or about Wang Hai Jun.

There have been several articles written about my teacher Wang Hai Jun. There have also been articles written by his students (e.g. Nick Gudge, David Gaffney and Aarvo Tucker) on his behalf, where he has provided the content of the articles in discussion with the intent of an article being published. These are as follows:

  1. Silk Reeling Exercises in Taijiquan written by Aarvo Tucker
  2. Wang Hai Jun: Chen Style Champion written by Aarvo Tucker
  3. Why Push Hands edited by Nick Gudge
  4. Training Taijiquan's Jin written by David Gaffney
  5. Six Stages of Learning written by David Gaffney
  6. Beginners Skills (Part 1) written by Nick Gudge
  7. Beginners Skills (Part 2) written by Nick Gudge
  8. Beginners Skills (Part 3) written by Nick Gudge