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Chen’s Taichi Vol 5:

Spear, Halberd, Long Pole & Push-Hands

Paperback: 301 pages

Author: Chen Zheng Lei

Publisher: Tai Chi Centre (1993 translated in 2013)

Translator: Jack Yan

ISBN-13: 978-0-9866756-9-0

Reviewer: Nick Gudge (Nov 2014)

This is the fifth and final volume of Chen Zheng Lei’s five volume compendium on taijiquan written 20 years ago which has been translated by his Canadian / Chinese disciple Jack Yan. This volume is composed of seven sections.

The first section (98 pages) cover the 71 movement spear.  The second section (80 pages) cover the 30 movement halberd. The third section (25 pages) covers the 13 movement long pole, all sections including demonstration pictures of the author. Sections four and  cover the 3 & 8 movement interactive pole forms and the two section interactive pole form. The sixth section covers Chen Taijiquan's five types of pushing hands. I would suggest that all of these sections are better offered as DVD productions rather than as written offerings.

The seventh and arguably the most interesting section is an 'Introduction to Chen's Taichi Master.' At the end of this are two personal offerings about the author's time with his teachers Chen Zhao Pei (15 pages) and Chen Zhao Kui (8 pages) which were a most enjoyable and entertaining as well as stimulating read.

RatingsOverall: 4.75 out of 10

Content: 2 out of 10  Language: 6 out of 10  Accuracy: 9 out of 10 Helpfulness: 2 out of 10