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Autumn 2018 Taijiquan Camp in Poland 

Laojia Yilu (Foundation/First Form)

I will be teaching a six day long camp in Poland in the middle of October - (Monday 15th October - Saturday 20th Octobery.). This will be an intensive and demanding training camp for those who intend to gain taijiquan gong-fu. It is aimed at those who are looking to gain a better understanding of laojia yilu and want to develop the fundamental taiji skills that it develops. Training yilu is the foundation for all taiji skills.

The camp will help those attending better understand and to experience the type of practice required, as well as the quality of practice needed. Its principal objective is to improve students understanding of what taiji skill is and how to gain it through appropriate taiji training. It will include the teaching & corrections on laojia yilu. There will be the usual 5 laojia yilu forms practice before breakfast with teaching & correcting of sticking and silk-reeling  push hands (wan hua) in the evenings as an aid to understanding the importance of the day time training.  

Dates: The camp will be held from 7.30am Monday 15th October - 5.00pm Saturday 20th October 2018.

Organiser: Radek Panasiuk is organising it. (His email is rad.panasiuk@gmail.com.) You would need to check place availability with him. 


Cost: The camp training fee is €210 for the 6 days, 


7.30am Practice – 5 x laojia yilu practice 

8.45am Breakfast

10.30am Taught session –  silk-reeling/fundamental movement and laojia yilu postures practice & correction 

13.00pm Lunch

15.00pm Taught session – laojia yilu postures and winding & unwinding / releasing practices

18.00pm Dinner 

7.30pm Taught session  Push hands practice – sticking, rooting & wan hua