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Grandmaster Wang Hai Jun

Limerick Master Class dates for 2018

 8Wang Hai Jun will teach a  series of master classes in Limerick during 2017  If you wish to attend any of these please contact me by email me on nickgudge@gmail.com or phone me on 061-923023

Seminars 2018

During the course of the year, Grandmaster Wang Hai Jun will be in Limerick teaching on three Sundays,  The day will be split into a morning and an afternoon seminar

1.     He will teach an 18 Step Form review class

During this half-day class he will provide tuition of and corrections. 

Sunday February 11th 2018 from 11.00am - 1.30pm

The cost is €60.


2.     He will teach intermediate and advanced Laojia Yilu (Foundation Form) classes

During these half-day classes he will provide tuition of and corrections. 

1. Sunday February 11th 2018 from 15.00pm - 17.30pm

2. Sunday May 20th 2018

3. Sunday October 114th 2018

The cost is €60 per class.


Wang Hai Jun will also teach a five day residential Camp camp held in Dublin at Kings Hospital School 20th – 24th August 2018 teaching push hands.

         I am organising this camp. More details can be found here or by contacting me.


More details of all Wang Hai Jun seminars including those held in Galway, London, Paris, Warsaw, the USA and other places can be found on Wang Hai Jun’s website www.wanghaijun.com.