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Grand Master Wang Hai Jun's

Next Limerick Taijiquan Seminars

Wang Hai Jun will next be in Limerick on Sunday October 1st  2017.

He will teach a half-day seminar covering the Laojia Yilu (Foundation Form) in the morning and a Xinjia Yilu seminar in the afternoonExact seminar times and details below. 


Laojia Yilu Seminar 

A Laojia yilu seminar will be held on Sunday 1st October 2017

from 11.00pm to 13.30pm.  Cost is €55


Xinjia Yilu Seminar

A Xinjia Yilu half-day seminar will be on Sunday 14th May

from 15.00am to 7.30pm and will cost €55


Space is limited so there will be a maximum of 20 people at each seminar. Contact Nick to book a place or for more information on 061-923023 or nickgudge@gmail.com