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Push Hands Camp 2017

 Carrowgar, Ogonnelloe, Co.Clare Ireland

Thursday 17th – Sunday 20th August

 I am planning to hold a 4 day push-hands camp in Summer 2017, here in my home in Ireland on the dates above.

 I am aiming for a group of between 12 & 20 people who actively want to improve their push-hands using the methods and processes that WHJ teaches (namely laojia yilu & erlu and patterns.)

 Camp Training Fee - there will be no camp training fee for this camp. However I might ask for a flat fee (probably €40 per person) to pay for someone to do the cooking & cleaning. I’m still thinking about how best to do this. Alternatively you can help-out with the chores!

 Training / Content

My intention is to teach a concentrated effort on improving the ideas, processes and practices that are Chen style push hands. This will include 4 sessions totalling  7+ hours of teaching and training each day. Content will include sticking (wan hua) fixed step (ding bu) and moving step (hua bu) patterns, lots of jin exercises and understanding how to maintain and operate through peng jing. Maybe some da lu.

 1st session: 7.00am – 8.30am: 4 laojia yilu, 1 laojia erlu and 20 mins pushing hands pattern

2nd session: 10.30am - 12,30pm: jin exercises, and push hands patterns exploring peng, lu, ji, an

3rd session: 15.00pm – 17.00pm: jin exercises, and stepping push hands patterns with cai & lie

4th session: 19.00pm – 21.00pm: push hands patterns exploring peng, lu, ji, an

 Accommodation & Meals

I can provide basic accommodation (€10 per night) in 7 double rooms here. I also have an orchard so you can camp for free (I can provide tent and sleeping bag/quilt plus foam mattress) if that is your preference. (It will be summer time. It is light until 11pm.) There are also bed & breakfast and hotel options nearby.

All meals will be provide (€15 per day for 3 large meals plus refreshments and snacks - cooked by my daughter Amber - a 5 Star hotel chef!!)

Breakfast - 8.45am (cereal, fresh fruit, cooked breakfast, tea & coffee, juices)

Lunch - 12.45pm (soup, bread, pork/chicken/beef meal, dessert, tea & coffee, juices)

Dinner - 17.15pm (salad, bread, pork/chicken/beef meal, dessert, tea & coffee, juices)

I will do up a menu and circulate well before the camp which you can offer suggestions to. I will be paying someone (Amber) to do the cooking & cleaning up.

 Training Area

I have a very large and sheltered outdoor training area (clay surface like a tennis court) that is idea for training on, which I will roof over for the camp. I have a large grass area below my orchard and I have a smaller indoor training room (my practice area) for those ‘late night’ sessions.

 For those who have not been here where I live is a really beautiful place, with local pubs, restaurants (and a lake!) for those who want to use amenities while they are here.

 I can collect people from Shannon airport or, from Birdhill (if you fly into Dublin and take the bus to Limerick.) Shannon is a better option. There are flights from Warsaw to Shannon on Weds & Sunday. There are flights from London, Paris & Manchester to Shannon daily.


While I am interested in having this camp, I don't wish to pay for it. So contributions for petrol (for airport collections) paying for food and extras (beer, drink) and shopping is expected. Remember, someone - probably me! - will need to go and buy this stuff and it all takes time. So while I am trying to do this so it costs as little as possible, it isn't free! So please pay for what you use.